SPARK Training

Train with SPARK Physical Therapy this Spring! 

Meet all your 2020 Cheshire Half Marathon Goals! 

Join SPARK Physical Therapy in their 10-week training program to help prepare you for the 2020 Cheshire Half Marathon! A new take on race training like you’ve never experienced before! Training begins Monday, February 17th.

This 10-week virtual and in-person training program is perfect for runners of all calibers. Whether you are preparing for your first half marathon, or you are an experienced half marathon veteran, we will offer a training program like you’ve never experienced before. Physical Therapist Dr. Duane Scotti and Coach Clay Tebbetts are teaming up in the weeks leading up to the Cheshire Half Marathon to guide you in reaching your 2020 race goals.

Dr. Duane and Coach Clay will provide new concept and techniques each week that will help build you up to reaching your end goal. As each week passes, you will find your strength and endurance improving, preparing you for everything the 2020 race has in store, without injuries along the way. On race day, you will find a new level of confidence in your running ability – faster and stronger than ever before.

The result: Crossing the Cheshire Half Marathon finish line with your pre-race goals achieved! 

What you get by signing up:

  1. Each athlete will receive his/her own online training calendar on Training Peaks platform. Set virtually, you can adapt the schedule based on YOUR needs each week. Coach Clay will provide you a concept based on your current ability, guide your training every week along the way. This will culminate in reaching your best performance on race day
  2. Weekly communication from coach Clay focusing on different aspects specific to development in endurance running and the Cheshire event.
  3. Weekly group runs based on your level (novice, intermediate, advanced) will occur with Dr. Duane every Sunday as we build up those long runs.  These will occur right on the same terrain as a portion of the actual race course on the Farmington Canal Trail.  You will have access to parking and bathrooms at Multisports Academy gym for these group motivational runs! 
  4. All athletes will have access to a private Facebook group in which Dr. Duane will provide you with the running specific exercises you will need to do to stay healthy during your training, so you don’t miss a run!  Duane and Clay will also keep you motivated and have constant communication and answer all race related questions within our community every step of the way so you can confidently toe the line on April 26th! 
  5. All athletes will have access to special discounts at Spark Physical Therapy and Multisports Academy gym in Hamden.